Call for Papers 2020

Modern Conflict Research Symposium 2.0

Imperial War Museum North, Manchester, Fri 31st Jan-Sat 1st Feb 2020

Call for Papers

Building on the success of the first Modern Conflict Research Symposium (MCRS) hosted in Bradford in February 2018, the series returns with an exciting offer at the Imperial War Museum North. The purpose of the MCRS is to take an accessible, interdisciplinary approach to modern conflict.  We aim to achieve this by being “inclusive by design” bringing together researchers and practitioners from a broad range of disciplines and experience to consider   emerging research considering  modern conflict from 1800-2017.

MCRS is proud of our commitment to provide a collaborative environment for any level of researcher alongside post holding academics and practitioners to share, challenge, network and learn in an open and relaxed environment. We are particularly keen to “build beyond Britain” supporting interpretation from other nations, transnational            approaches and consideration of modern conflict beyond the traditional scope of Europe.

Proposals are invited for conference papers (of not more than 20 minutes), panels, poster presentations, roundtable discussions relating to our core theme of:


Defence strategy and policy – by domain/Service or by Defence

Challenges of Sub-Threshold Warfare and Future Conflict

Military strategy, campaigns and/or leadership

Gender or identity based violence

Civil War

Military medicine, humanitarianism & ethics

Battlefield analysis

Commemoration & memorialisation

We welcome papers relating to instances of war and mass violence occurring between 1800-2017.    Conflicts may include (but are not limited to): World War I, World War II, Irish War of Independence, Napoleonic Wars, South African War, Austro-Prussian War, Franco-Prussian War, Russo-Japanese War, American Civil War, Taiping Rebellion, Crimean War, Korea War, Iraq War—Note—we are keen to support submissions that broaden the scope of interpretation beyond Europe.

Please send a 300 word abstract to along with a brief biography. Please indicate the style of presentation you would like to deliver (podium, lightening, poster, panel, roundtable, workshop) by 11:59pm GMT Sunday 25th August 2019

Please note we will be announcing details of a small financial support fund for speakers who are students/self employed/small business owners/unwaged/who may require support in order to participate in due course.